As a member of the Education Committee, Delegate Robinson is committed to ensuring that Chesterfield County’s public schools remain among the best in the Commonwealth. She believes that local school boards, not bureaucrats in Richmond, should be making decisions about their local schools. She has introduced legislation to repeal the Labor Day School Start Date law, commonly known as the Kings Dominion Law. The legislation, if passed, would allow local school districts the ability to choose when students go back to class. She was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to serve on the SOL Innovation Committee which reviews and makes recommendations to the General Assembly on ways to improve Virginia’s SOLs. With her support, the General Assembly voted to reduce the number of SOL tests from 28 to 17.

Ethics Reform

Delegate Robinson supports honest and transparent government at every level. She voted for a $100 annual limit on all gifts to lawmakers, and the creation of a bipartisan body to advise lawmakers on ethical issues. Though these are steps in the right direction, she intends to support future efforts to increase government transparency accountability.


Delegate Robinson believes that tax increases contribute to further hardship for taxpayers and should not be used as a one-step, fast solution. As your Delegate, she will work to limit government spending to reduce taxes on Virginia families and small businesses. She prioritizes a balanced budget and believes that it is more important to use funds appropriately rather than raising taxes.

Economic Opportunity

Having been a small business owner for thirty years, Delegate Robinson has a unique understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by small business owners. Because of this, she does not support legislation that stifles hard-working business owners and instead promotes legislation that helps to expand small business. She knows that these family-owned businesses are the backbone of the economy in our community in Chesterfield.

Women's Issues

Delegate Robinson promotes women’s issues and interests by supporting opportunities to which women can avail themselves. She created a resolution that made May Women’s Maternal Mental Health Month to help raise awareness for the psychological effects of pregnancy, labor, and early childhood can have on a mother. Additionally, she supports reforms to protect young women on college campuses to ensure that places of learning aren’t hindered by concerns of sexual assault. She believes in balancing the rights of the victims and ensuring public safety at the institution